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No: 271, Bayintnaung Road, Ward No: 44, North Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar


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During the corona virus period, we will provide online counseling. 

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What cases we care for



Aung Clinic provides support to people of all ages with mild to severe mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, PTSD, psychosis, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. We also support people with intellectual disabilities with behavioral problems, and those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse/ misuse. Our General Practitioner also provides general medical care.


Holistic treatment: Aung Clinic believes that an integrated approach is critical to improving the long-term wellbeing of people with mental health issues. Our service users and their families can access different types of support to address their needs, including counseling, psychiatric medication, support groups, medical care, and vocational skills training.

Ending institutionalization and providing community-based care: Aung Clinic believes people with severe mental disorders should not be confined to mental hospitals and other institutions. Through our community-based care model, we assist people at risk of being institutionalized and those who have been living in mental hospitals, to get treatment while building meaningful lives in their communities. We help families to care for their loved ones in their homes.

Reducing stigma, and promoting social inclusion: We promote awareness around mental health in order to reduce discrimination against people with mental health disorders. We work with schools, employers, and local organizations to make sure that people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities can participate in all aspects of life.

Human rights and empowerment: We help clients and their families to understand their rights under the CRDP, and work with clients to advocate for better treatment.

Our Services


Aung Clinic provides arrange of integrated services for individuals and families, adults and children. These include:

                Counseling for individuals and families

Group counseling and peer-based support groups Art therapy

                Training and activities to strengthen independent

                Living: cooking, basic money management, and life skills

                Community outreach and Home visits Psychiatric treatment

                General medical care

We also conduct research and advocacy to raise awareness about mental health, and the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities.

Who we are


 Aung Clinic is a small community-based clinic in Yangon that provides holistic psychological support services for people with moderate to severe mental disorders. 

 Aung Clinic provides integrated support from a range of professionals including: psychiatrist, general medical practitioner with mental health skills, art therapist, sessional artist, and community mental health workers.


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Call: +95 9 254063341

No: 271, Bayint Naung Road, 44 Quarter, North Dagon Township, Yangon

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